Natalie Teuton

Hiring & Talent Development Solutions

Natalie Teuton is a Certified Executive and Business Coach. Natalie joined Inspired Business Services LLC in January 2012 to partner with Cynthia Samuels. Inspired Business Services LLC was established in 2012 to facilitate business development outside of the multifamily business sector.

She and her business partner work together as a team to provide coaching and consulting services to businesses in the metro Atlanta area to help clients improve their foundational processes. Natalie also has an incredible passion to inspire, equip and empower her clients to reach their goals and dreams.

Prior to joining Inspired, Natalie served in a number of capacities for one of the largest global chemical companies. For the past 25 years she worked in a number of roles. Her most recent position was Commercialization Specialist working cross-functionally with several business groups to facilitate market introduction of new technologies for the past 11 years.

Her background uniquely positions Natalie to understand the intricacies of working in large corporate settings where resources are at a minimum, yet performance expectations continue to be expected.